Beckett Witnessed Authentication for Chili Davis signing (July 23)

  • We are hosting a public meet-&-greet autograph signing with Chili Davis on Saturday, July 23, 2022.
    • Chili will be signing from 11 to 1 pm on Saturday, July 23 @ Diamond 9 Sports in Placentia, California.
    • If you’re attending the event, you can pickup all online pre-orders from us via WILL-CALL + you can order autographs, inscriptions, photos, etc. from us that day, as well.
    • This signing is open for the public to attend, though Absentee/Mail-Orders are available for those who are not attending in person.
  • This is a pre-order for Beckett Authentication for autographs that Chili signs at the  event.
    • Beckett will be present to witness & authenticate autographs that Chili signs.
    • This listing includes ONLY the authentication fee – not the autograph or anything else.
      • Visit the Chili Davis autograph signing page here to order autographs, inscriptions, baseballs, and photos for the signing.
        • Add everything to your Cart, then checkout & pay all at once.
      • You can order authentications from this listing (a) if you are attending the signing and purchasing in-person autograph tickets or (b) if you are NOT attending the signing and will be purchasing absentee/mail-order autographs instead.
  • During Checkout, you can use the NOTE section to make any special requests regarding how your item is signed (location of autograph, type of pen, etc.).
  • ****Please note: the MAIL-ORDER / DROPOFF address for Absentee orders is different than the event venue address.
  • For absentee/mail-orders, choose between Shipping and in-store Pickup (pickup available at our address below):
  • All absentee/mail orders should be submitted to our store:
    • The OC Dugout
    • 1928 E. Center St.
    • Anaheim, CA 92805
  • If you are attending, the event, you will pickup any pre-orders from us via WILL-CALL at the event.
  • The address of the autograph signing event is:
    • Diamond 9 Sports
    • 1850 N. Placentia Ave.
    • Placentia, CA 92870
  • We also will have autographs, inscriptions, authentication, & photos/balls/bats for sale on the day of the event – no pre-order necessary.


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