Mike Trout Inscriptions (i.e. “2012 AL ROY”, “KiiiiiD”, etc) – add these to any autograph – Limit 2 per item

  • This listing is for Inscriptions signed by Mike Trout on items he will sign during an upcoming private autograph signing.
    • This signing will take place in late 2023. We need all items & payments by February 17, 2024.
    • You may purchase inscriptions from this listing whether you are ordering a signed item from us OR if you are sending in your own items to be signed.
    • Items will be MLB-authenticated at no additional cost.
  • Inscriptions are NOT the same as autographs. Inscriptions must be purchased in addition to autographs – they cannot be purchased on their own.
    • LIMIT no more than 2 inscriptions per item.
    • The inscriptions in the pull-down menu are the only ones that are pre-approved for Mike to sign.
    • The following inscriptions are not available:
      • “Michael Nelson Trout” full name signature
      • “Millville Meteor”
      • War Machine”
    • For personalizations, use the NOTE section during Checkout to let us know what you want Mike to personalize.
    • **If you have special requests for other inscriptions, please email brian@theocdugout.com and we can try to get your requested inscription approved.
  • In the rare instance that Mike misses, skips, ignores, or refuses to sign a certain inscription, we can refund the cost of that inscription or try to have Mike add that inscription at a future signing.
  • This signing is private – meaning it is not open for the public to attend.
  • You can check out all the options and available items for this signing on the Mike Trout Signing page.
  • If you are mailing in your own items, please print a copy of your Order Confirmation and include it with the package you send in.
  • Customer items can be shipped to or dropped off at our retail store:
    • The OC Dugout
    • 1928 E. Center St.
    • Anaheim, CA 92805
    • Choose either Pickup in Store (Anaheim) or Shipping during Checkout depending on how you want to receive your item after the signing.
      • If you are picking up your order in person OR if you want to provide your own return shipping label, choose the Pickup option to set the shipping costs to $0.


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"3x AL MVP": $235, "14, 16, 19 AL MVP": $235, "KiiiiiD": $235, "2009 1st Round Pick": $325, "2012 AL ROY": $235, "1st ASG": $235, "2014 AL MVP": $235, "2016 AL MVP": $235, "2019 AL MVP": $235, "2014 AS MVP": $235, "2015 AS MVP": $235, "2019 AS": $235, "MLB Debut": $235, "MLB Debut 7-8-11": $325, "Hit #1 7-9-11": $235, "1st Career Hit 7-9-11": $325, "The Catch": $235, "Fly Eagles Fly": $325, "Happy Father's Day": $325, Personalization less than 10 characters: $235, Personalization 10-25 characters: $325