Rod Carew Absentee/Mail Order Autographs

  • This listing is for customers who cannot attend our event in person but want to purchase autographs of Rod Carew from our public autograph signing on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at The OC Dugout in Anaheim.
  • The prices listed here are the cost of each autograph.
  • These are the items that are including with each autograph category:
    • Small autographs include baseballs, photos/flats, tickets, cards, bobbleheads, & mini helmets.
    • Large autographs include bats, hats, helmets, & equipment.
    • Jerseys are in a category of their own.
  • During Checkout, you will see a NOTE section. You may use this area to make any requests you have for your items – such as where you would like to have your item signed, what type of pen, etc.
    • You will be asked to choose between Pickup and Shipping during Checkout.
    • Pickup is available at our Anaheim store any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday after the signing takes place.
      • Pickup sets shipping cost to $0, so you may choose this option if you are sending your own return postage with your items.
      • Just let us know you are supplying your own return shipping materials and postage/shipping label.
    • Shipping is best if you are not able to pickup your order at the store.
  • Once you place your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation email. Please print a copy of this email.
    • If you are mailing in your own items to be signed, include the printed copy of the Order Confirmation with any items you are sending in. (If you are just ordering items of ours from the site to be signed like baseballs or photos, you do not need to mail in anything.)
    • You may write any further specifications or details on the printout that you send with your items.
    • Drop off or mail your absentee items to the address below.
  • The signing takes place Saturday, June 22, 2019 (from 12 to 1:30 p.m.) at:
    • The OC Dugout
    • 1515 S. Sunkist St., Ste. G
    • Anaheim, CA 92806


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Autographs (by item type)

Smalls: $79, Larges: $149, Jerseys: $199