Wally Joyner inscriptions (i.e. “Wally World” ~ “1986 AS” ~ “To ___”)

  • We are hosting a public autograph signing with Wally Joyner on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at the optometry office of Dr. Alex Corbin Liu in Rowland Heights, California (address at bottom).
    • Wally will be signing from 12:30 to 2 pm
    • We will be open to the public at the event starting at 11 am
      • Online pre-orders can be picked up from us via Will-Call at the event.
      • If you are attending the event, pre-ordering online is allowed, but not mandatory. We will have autographs, inscriptions, photos, baseballs, & rookie cards available for purchase at the event.
    • This signing is open for the public to attend, though Absentee/Mail-Orders are available for those who are not attending in person.
  • This listing is for inscriptions that Wally can add to his autograph on any item you are having signed – whether you are attending the event in-person or ordering absentee/mail-order autographs..
    • Inscriptions are phrases, achievements, nicknames, or personalizations that are added to an autograph.
    • Inscriptions CANNOT be purchased on their own – they may only be added to items for which you are also purchasing an autograph to have Wally sign.
    • Choose the inscription(s) you want from the pull-down menu and add them to your Cart.
    • If you choose the Personalization (“To ___”) or Custom inscription options, please use the NOTE section during Checkout to let us know what you want for the inscription.
      • There is a 12-character limit for inscriptions and separate short inscriptions cannot be combined into 1 inscription.
    • Inscriptions may be added to your own items or to items you purchase from us.
  • We need to receive absentee/mail-orders & items by Friday, June 3, 2022.
  • If you are attending the event in person, you can pre-order online or purchase in-person at the event.
  • You can purchase autographs, photos, bats, baseballs & autograph authentication from the Wally Joyner signing page.
    • Add everything to your Cart that you want to order, then checkout and pay for everything together.
  • You can use the Note section to make any special requests – such as autograph location, type of pen to be used, etc.
  • If you are mailing in your own items, please print a copy of your Order Confirmation and include it with the package you send in.
  • The signing is taking place at:
    • Alex C. Liu, OD optometry office
    • 19735 Colima Rd., Ste 4
    • Rowland Heights, CA 91748
  • Customer absentee/mail-order items can be shipped to or dropped off at our store:
    • The OC Dugout
    • 1928 E. Center St.
    • Anaheim, CA 92805



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

"Wally World", "MLB Debut 4-8-86", "1986 AS", "86 HR Derby Champ", "Go Halos", "To___", Custom